ARABSPREE is an online platform with texts and videos commentating Arab public life, Arab identity and Arab relations with the outside world. It is open to views, comments and contributions of interested guests. The views expressed on ARABSPREE represent only the opinion of the editors, bloggers or the invited contributors.

Inspired by the freedom spree following the change wave that swept the Arab world in 2011, this website is initiated one year later, first as a personal blog offering commentaries on public life issues in Arab countries, but also on Arab identity and Arabs’ relationships with the world.
ARABSPREE blogs havean open thematic focus and is not directed at any particular issue such as the now-called Arab Spring. Instead, they go beyond this particular turning point and offers a critical review of things beyond the emotional bias inherent to one revolutionary outburst.
ARABSPREE blogs do not aim at offering an inside view of public life in Arab countries, but rather reflects the views of informed observers. Its special focus will be designated to Yemen, a little-known country with a thrilling social and political structure.

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The Author: I was born in 1982 in Sana’a, Yemen. I then left Yemen to Germany when I was 17.  Since then, I live in Germany. I studied lived  political science, economics the cities in Heidelberg and Mannheim philosophy and sociology.  Now, I live in Doha, teach and research at the university. This after, I lived and worked Germany as a university teacher on sustainability and development issues .
الكاتب: ولدت في اليمن في عام ١٩٨٢. بعد ذلك تركت اليمن للدراسه في المانيا، البلد الذي اعيش فيه حاليا. احمل دكتوراه و ما جستير في علم الإقتصاد و ماجستير في السياسه من المانيا. حاليا اعمل كباحث و مدرس في الدوحة في مجال التعاون الدولي و السياسه البيئيه. انا مولع بالمعرفه السياسه والافلام الوثائقية، خاصه فيما يتعلق بالعالم العربي و الدول الناميه


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